Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a vegas TRIP

I went to try out some of the effects of my new camera on the Vegas lights. See how much fun I had?!
Below: Vegas before the drugs
Below: the drugs are kicking in
Below: cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Below: did I just skip through time?
Below: so THIS is what it's like winning the Nobel Peace Prize!
This one is by far my favorite. I'm surprised I didn't have an epileptic seizure while putting these pictures up.
Until next time! Toodles!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aren't I Cute??

I went to the Dental Hygienist School here at Dixie State to do my friend a favor. Her 2:00 appointment didn't show up, and she needed someone to come in so she can do a filling. Well... It's no secret, I LOVES MY CANDIES... so no doubt I had a filling or two she could do.
The sad part is, since they were LEARNING while DOING, I had to keep my mouth open this wide for almost THREE HOURS. I know it's true, normally I can't keep my mouth shut, but I think this was the one time I was longing to do so.
I love the BONO glasses they put on me. Since I have zero dollars, my friend Nicole hooked me up for free what would have cost about 50 bucks! THANKS NICOLE! And now, I'll get to work on making new cavities so that I can continue to contribute to the Dixie State Dental Hygienists School learning environment!
*unwraps Charleston Chew*

Monday, October 19, 2009

Should I Change My Blog Name?

Considering I haven't dyed my hair platinum in a while, I am not sure if the name of my blog is appropriate anymore. Since my hair is its natural color, do you think I should re-name this humble blog "The dishwater-blonde black sheep?"

Just some food for thought, in case your mind was hungry.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a little shout out to Russ

He's my boy!
And here's the dinner he made me last night...
Hamburgers, fries, funyans, cheetos, sprite, pepsi, rice, squid, and who knows what else.
Love ya!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!

OKAY, so I was out shopping for my Halloween costume yesterday, and parked out in front of the costume shop was THIS MINIVAN! Whatever mom this minivan belongs to is friggin AWESOME!

If I had a minivan... I would totally do this to it! On advice from Beth...I'll post pictures of my costume when it's all put together! Toodles!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Halloween Costume...

If I only had the money to make this costume perfect... but alas, it might be the ghetto version. I was originally going to be Tim Burton, but I wasn't sure how many people would get it... then I was going to be Edward Scissorhands but I don't think I am thin enough, and that costume could cost a bundle. Then... it came to me... (or rather, it came to Madre...) what character would be recognizable to adults and my little niece, and they would love it and know it to be a Tim Burton character? SO I DECIDED ON...
(drum roll please...)

(Don't tell Addi... I want to surprise her!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The moon...

Check out how bright the moon is tonight.
Just thought i'd share with you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall into Autumn. Get it?

OKAY! So thank me very much for taking the time out of my busy schedule to give you some more beautiful pictures. While you are looking at them, I have something for you to ponder. Have you ever seen a guy with his shirt off from far away, and thought that he was really tan? Then when you get closer, you see he's just REALLY hairy? Hmmm. Anyway.
Here's my favorite photo of the bunch. This is like, National Geographic stuff I swear!
Here's the autumn leaves just starting to change color. I wish that could be job... hang on a branch and change color. Everyone would appreciate me for doing nothing. (I mean, besides photosynthesis... blah blah blah)

Here's a lovely little leafy frame-up of the house. The cottonwood trees leaves turn the same color as my pee after I eat a lot of asparagus! Coincidence? Maybe...
The tall, tall pines in front of the old Jacobson house. The leaves on the right look as if they've been softly gilded by the autumnal fairies. Alas, poetry. M'thinks t'was some poets who bask'd in the glories of peyote.

The red apples are simple a BURDEN on the branches of these poor apple trees. The odd thing is, these trees were barren up until last year.
Suddenly, they started producing again with ABUNDANCE.
From green, to gold, to red. All three colors of the apple leaf cycle summed up in one branch. Thanks for the summary, branch! Catch ya later.

Wow. Now THOSE are some fiery colors! I wish I lived somewhere that I could just step outside every morning and see something as spledificous as this. Oh wait... I DO! IN YOUR FACE!

The focus is on the leaf, I did that on purpose. I wanted the apples to be apparent, but out of focus. Can't you see I've got an artist's perception for photography? CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? Because if you can't, I truly feel pity for you.


There are lots of green things that are turning red, but the stuff that's usually red is turning brown, with the exception of this LOUD frigging flower that just REFUSES to wilt. It's like Barack Obama. It just HAS to bright so everyone can't help but look at it!

You can see on the mountain the yellow and gold that's starting to take over. This tree on our property is the most gold of all out trees right now. I wait in anticipation for more reds, though.

Please note the giant clock in the background. It's not the focal point of the photo, but it is the subject. I SO SOUND LIKE I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, HUH???

Here's our one of two tress that produces yellow apples. I've yet to try them because they're usually a little too tart for me, but they sure do make great pictures! Oh, they also lure deer into our yard, and are pretty good ammo to throw at cows' heads.

Here she is! The love of my life! I can't do ANY sort of photography without taking a couple of minutes with my favorite model, Scout. I tried to get her to close her mouth for some shots, but she, being the primadonna diva that she is, simply refused.

Now just LOOK at those colors and tell me that I am NOT a super photographer! I dare you! If it weren't for me, this splendour of natures glory wouldn't be on film at ALL. It would just be sitting there for only LOCAL people to appreciate. Thank me very much.

I was a little sad I couldn't find one of the golden cottonwood leaves stuck in the branches of a pine tree. I thought that would make an EXCELLENT photo. Then, after much deliberation, I realized I could PUT A LEAF into the branches of a pine! How GENIUS am I?

Just a little bit of framework here. The lovely house framed by leaves. I love the shadows and the few dead branches that can be seen. That house sure is in good shape considering it was built in 1876! Pioneers are the sh*#!

A little close-up leaf action, if you haven't already guessed. Yup. Leaves. They're the perfect model. They never cry when you beat them. See the new part of the house in the background? Pretty rad, huh???

The tops of the cottonwoods, oh how they shine.
They're golden and yellow and really quite fine.
There is just one problem with all of these leaves
Something that irks me, really it peeves.
The leaves tend to fall and tumble about,
It's raking, you see, that gives me this pout.

I know this picture is on here twice, but I love it, so you get to see it again! Buh-bye!