Monday, September 28, 2009

These are pictures someone else took... my camera was tucked FAR AWAY in a waterproof bag. I'm glad someone else took pictures to show how deep the water was in the narrows!

For the rest of the pictures of our Zion trip... continue to the next post! Love ya!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OKAY... since I've been so busy in school, I didn't have time to put together a bunch of little posts and organize the pictures. SO... here's some choice pictures of the thousands I've been taking, in absolutely NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Enjoy! *muah*
Leaves at Zion... I like taking close up pictures of leaves.
What a beautiful day it was in Zion. The tree on the left was covered in vines.
Branches, leaves, and the sun. I'm so artistic, no?
Here's the group of us before we hiked the narrows at Zion. I didn't really take pictures of the narrows themselves, because we were usually in waste-high water, and I was afraid I'd get my $800 camera wet.
Rustum with vato...
AND... vato in the firepit!!!
That's COLE on the left, RUSTUM in the middle, and DEB on the right!
My little bro TAYLOR... in deep thought I suppose
PAYSON... in socks... hilarious.
ADDI and her horse that she made in pre-school!
Mom and I went up to Salt Lake to help Matt and Laura paint their BRAND NEW HOUSE! We took a break and we all did some interpretive dances. Here's moms!
Matt's Riverdance
My plant dance...
Laura's roach-hands dance!
These images are backwards... here's the bathroom almost finished being painted UTAH UTES RED!
Here's Matt watching Laura get stuff hung on the finished product.
Here's Laura painting the bathroom!
My VERY FIRST baseball game! Me and MA lookin' cute!
Here's Mom takin' a break from painting....
This is a before picture of the bathroom, and me showing off my ever-growing GUNS!
This is the picture I painted for Matt and Laura, and it was also the inspiration for the colors of their living room and kitchen!
A before picture of the kitchen...
A before of the living room....
This was the most expensive pretzel in the entire world. It wasn't even that good. But I had fun at the ballgame!!!
And finally, here's Laura, Matt, and Matt's parents at the Bees game. The Bees won, with a WALK OFF HOME RUN! (I think that's the term..) But anyway. Those are the pictures... I have more but dangit, I gotta get to class!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I hardly have the time to even check my email, let alone post stuff on my blog! I have so many cool pictures and things to post, but I just don't have the TIME right now because of the 12 credits I'm taking!!!!! Everyone please be patient with me, and don't lose interest in my blog! There may be some extra time between posts, but don't stop reading! I will try to get all the fun and fabulous crap that I do up at the first possible convenient time for me!

Thanks to EVERYONE who reads my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!