Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We're skipping right over to Christmas this year! We put up two of our three trees, just because we were in the mood to!
This year, we put ONLY red lights and red ornaments on the 6 foot tree. Instead of putting it up in the family room, we put it in the front room. And instead of putting it on the ground, we put it on a table so now it almost touches the ceiling in the pioneer house! It looks SO FLARKING RAD! I only put one picture in, because the red was REALLY overwhelming. Haha... so there it is!
Below is our NATURE tree! Totally Mom's idea! We took branches from some of our cottonwood trees, and put them in the Christmas tree! We also got real bird's nests, (that'll be a bitch when they come back for the spring and find all their homes gone!) and pine cones all from our yard. It's rad-tastic!
Below is the tree all lit up for the night!
Below is one of the bird nests that we swiped from the great outdoors.
Below... if only we had the tree up when we were doing our "reflection" project for photography class!!! Sonofa... oh well. I love that picture, though!
And finally, THIS is what the two trees look like from outside when you are walking up to our dining room door! Don't you just LOVE IT???
Thanksgiving is for Fa-la-la-la-LOSERS! It's just filler between the two most important holidays of the year: Halloween and Christmas! Take that you dumb PILGRIMS!


Heather and Matt Jensen said...

well, we here in Canada have already had our Thanksgiving! It was in October, before Halloween! CHRISTMAS......bring it on!!!!!!

Ina said...

Love the trees!!!

Nicole said...

MJ, I LOVE YOU! You rock!