Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some New Pictures...

Okay, here are some of my favorites of the 700 pictures I've taken with my cherry new camera! :)
By the way, I haven't touched any of these photos with photoshop!
(except to make them black and white)
Those are rainclouds... not smoke :)
The chimneys of the Pine Valley House! That white room is new...
What a perfect rainy morning this was... I thought all the clouds were AWESOME
This plant looks like a girl to me... I think her name should be Amber... Amber Waves.
The Pioneer Pump! This house will be sustainable after 2012!
Madre bought me these keys, and they were brand new iron... I set them outside in Pine Valley for a few months, and VOILA! Something the Faja would be proud of!
Another shot that shows the new portion of the house's marriage with the pioneer portion.
The sunlight was PERFECT for this shot. I wish I could remember what time it was I took this picture!
Um, can you say SO FLIPPIN' CUTE?!?!?!?!?!?!
I love these shots where her snout is right up in the camera!
Good gravy, Scout. If we could show you to the world, there would be no war.
Dad put up this post out front of the house...
Here are the damaged real ivory keys on the old player piano in the Pine Valley Pioneer Home. The piano is SO out of tune!
I was taking pictures of all the old doorknobs in the house, and Scout came over and I could sense she wanted to have her picture taken. I love her "reverse freckles." She's got a few little white spots on her cheeks. It makes it look like she was standing under you while you were making bread dough.
AND FINALLY! Yet another in a series of pictures that have been painted for Rustum. This goes in his kitchen, and it is BY FAR my favorite of all the paintings I've done for him. I have two more that are going to go in the kitchen, both with themes similar to this one.
As soon as I'm done collecting all the doorknob pictures that I want... I'll post it. I'll be keeping my eyes open for interesting DOORKNOBS!


The Batistas said...

i think you need to test out your camera on two very cute little boys to see how it works:) haha

M@ said...

Hmmm... perhaps I'll come over to your house then!!!!

Jeni, Chris & Ethan said...

So I'm blog stalking you...I found your blog from my Grandma's (Ina's). I love the pictures with your new camera...can I say jealous. BTW, I love both of your blogs! ~ Jeni Monrreal (Wimsatt)

Danalee said...

These pics are cool. I really like the keys and the piano. I wish could play with my camera more. (it's not as cool as yours but I still like it) Love you, love your blog!

Laura Edwards said...

Um... have you finished our painting yet?? I want one in our home!

Laura Edwards said...

PS- you're an amzing photographer! Many pictures remind me of the old ones dad took :)

Ina said...

You take absolutely incredible pictures! I hope you will keep trying and get some of these on the James Wadsworth Triubal Gazette blog. The family will love them!!!!

Jacobson said...

MJ I love you! Thanks for still reading my blog Im glad there is still someone out there that cares! I love yours by the way.. so entertaining so witty!! love the pics i agree with everyone you take some rad pics! And dito with laura.. we need a matthew jacobson (jr?) original in our home!