Monday, June 8, 2009

I CAN'T... (I have rehearsal!)

DRAMA GEEKS think they are SO rad.

Hammer time! I play "Claude" the adulterous, lying Englishman who accidentally runs into his wife while taking a vacation in France with his mistress, Simone.

Here is Brian. Or is it spelled Bryan? Eh, who cares. He and I go way back... to the days of "Secret Garden." We're united again in the comedy "Bedfull of Foreigners." Bri/yan plays "Stanley," a sexually repressed fellow on vacation. Those two midgets you see here are his two kids, Roman and Portia. They come to most of the rehearsals. Drama Geek number 1, and his two Drama Geeklettes. Rehearsal is fun/stressful!

And here we see the lighting grid of the claustrophobia inducing black box theatre. As of now, it looks barren and dull. But come showtime, it will be adorned like some psychotic Christmas tree with multicolored lights pointing in every direction. The best part about the "grid" are the two access platforms. You get on it, and then pull yourself, and the platform, across the ceiling. When I was in "Heubner," we often had platform races.

Hanna (in the blue) and Josh (guy without hair) are so involved! Talk about dedication! While they were busy studying their scripts with intensity, I was busy taking pictures of stuff. Hanna plays "Simone," the French cabaret dancer/slut, and Josh plays the Slovak bellman, "Karak," of the rundown hotel that all the foreigners are staying at. Drama Geeks # 2 and 3!

Ah, the birth of a new set is always exhilarating! As of now, it may seem gloomy, drab, and lifeless, but as soon as it's completely finished, it will be a glorious facade of a gloomy, drab, and lifeless hotel. Josh does pretty much all the building and painting. He's such a multi-tasker. Not only is he in "Bedfull of Foreigners" with us, as well as building the set, he's also in "Black Comedy," and building that set too! "Black Comedy" is part of the revolving show schedule this summer.

Here we have Drama Geek # 4. Dani Barlow Dyal. (Bri/yan's wife.) She plays "Helga," my "clean" and "cold" wife. It's quite unfortunate that although she plays my spouse in the show, I don't get to make out with her even once. I get to make out with Hanna a lot, though. But I really wanna make out with Dani while Brian watches. Does that make me sick? Wait, what am I asking you for? I already know I'm sick. If I wasn't I wouldn't be participating in the Theatre.

The set is coming together. The doorknob was a little dirty, so Hannah decided to clean it up. That dirty door handle was a problem, but in the end, we got it licked! GET IT? GET IT??

Ahh, the famed rehearsal room. Classroom number 156 in the Eccles Fine Arts Center. Here's the view of the mirrored wall. That dapper fellow who isn't really involved with the rest of the group, sitting on those cubes, happens to be myself, holding up the camera, making sure this image is forever preserved in blogdom.

Here's a little blast from the past! This is the Nazi Eagle that hung over the tribunal in the final scene of "Heubner." That show was a little heavy, but it was a great experience! My dad, my sister Laura, and myself were ALL cast members in that show! I played "Karl-Heinz Shnibbe," Laura played Heubner's Madre, and Faja played Heubner and Karl Heinz's public defender.

And of course, Drama Geek number 5 is me. I don't really have many pictures of myself from the show because I was too busy snapping all the photos. So I decided to include this painting. My buddy Russ just moved to a new house, and he's decorating with a modern Egyptian theme in his front room. He asked me to do a painting, and this is what I did! He's getting it framed, and it's hanging on one of the walls in his front room. This has nothing to do with "Bedfull of Foreigners," but I'm proud of this particular painting, so I had to include it.

We have like, one more week of rehearsal left. We were supposed to be memorized not last Friday, but the Friday before that. WHAT A JOKE! I think only one of the cast members is completely memorized.


Ina said...

All of the below; funny, interesting, cool!!

Coopercomics said...

I really want to go to your play!!! Can you supply me with the details so I can make a plan to see my favorite cousin/blooger/STAR preform????

Jillian said...

I agree with the details, you should post them. Dont be a dirty tease and show us all the makings of the play and not tell us the details...*mwah*