Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've Come A Long Way, Baby.

Wow. Looking back over the years... I think I've changed more than Madonna.  ALSO, I have found my long lost twin brother.  Curious? Continue reading...

Here I am at age 16.  Scary, scary, fat and scary.

And that's me at age 19! Skinny, skinny, scary and skinny

Oh! Me at age 21 below with my cuzzins Ali, Sarah, Savvy, and my siblings Laura, Taylor and Kelli.  Wait a minute... Mom and Dad once told me I have a long lost twin brother.  I think I may have found him....

Horray! I finally found my long lost twin brother!  HAHAH, wow.  I was rockin' the Adam Lambert look eight years before people even knew he existed.  I'm SO fashion-forward!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Caution: If you are a tall person playing Wii tennis, don't do an extremely violent backhand!

Yes, I broke Rustum's lights playing Wii Tennis.  The follow through on my backhand had SO MUCH STRENGTH that I destroyed his ceiling fan lights!

Wii controller + my hand = deadly weapon.

I guess I'll be using some of my scholarship money to pay for this...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I cannot believe how busy I've been. It's finals week as well as Christmas. I have literally had no time whatsoever to be blogging-about. As everyone knows, this dumb little blog is becoming somewhat of an unhealthy obsession of mine, but for some reason that obsession doesn't get top billing in my obsessions as of late.

So first and foremost, my No. 1 obsession is school. I've already received four of my six grades. Two P's (they're pass or fail classes) and two A's. My second obsession with this jolly holiday season is Christmas. Presents, decorating, you get the whole idea.

Thirdly is my online gallivanting. With the semester coming to a close, I won't be on the Internet quite as much until January.

So to all four of my loyal readers: Hey, thanks! I may not be around for a month or so, but that doesn't mean I'm gone.

And for all of those incidental readers: Hey, thanks for stopping by. You should come again sometime.

In the upcoming semester we'll see how much blogging I can actually get done, considering my recent promotion of Arts and Entertainment editor for the Dixie Sun. I've already planned the first two issues of 2010. and it's pretty labor intensive. But I do make this one shallow promise: I will return, even if for a fleeting moment, to share with the world my life-altering photography and thoughts (See the previous post of Santa's head on a turkey with boobs for such an example).

Merry Christmas y'all! If you haven't checked out my letters to the editors of The Spectrum of St. George or Deseret News of Salt Lake City, please do so now.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Dixe Sun!

Here we are, the staff of the Dixie Sun! Aren't we HOT?
Love it! This is the best job ever!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Caution: Nude Turkey

Yes, I made this turkey. Those are onions stuffed underneath its skin. The nipples are little carrot tips. Please feel free to copy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Here's the latest for my photography class! This week's assignment: water. I took a more macro view on this assignment. As always, Scout tagged along because for some reason she finds my taking pictures extremely interesting.
Awwww! I love my Scouty!!!
Water on the pine trees!
Water on a THISTLE!
Since there's an abundance of pine up here in the Valley of Pine, here's MORE WATER ON PINE NEEDLES!!
A wet, wet apple.
And another sweaty apple!

Well, Spanksgiving is coming up. Hopefully I'll get some uber-rad pictures of the old Fam Damily that I can share with all of thee. Hey, thanks for reading my humble blog! Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

Monday, November 16, 2009

If You EVER Doubted How Cute I Am...

Then let me just show you how cute I WAS!

I'm having so much fun on that bike!
Dad's old motorcycle...
Thanksgiving one year at G&G Pratt's place
Awwww! Brotherly love.
I still get sleepy after huge meals to this day!
Holy crap. We are SO FLIPPING CUTE!
Dad and ME at Veyo pool!!!
Mmmmm... DIRT! Delicious!
Please note my cape and uh... skirt?
Taylor looks JUST LIKE PAYSON! I wish I could wear socks like that today.
Okay, that's not me as a little kid, but I did come across this picture from when I worked at Rocky Point Haunted House. (The scariest haunted house in America, so said FANGORIA.) Yes, that REALLY IS ME.
I think this was one of Laura's birthdays. Me, Grandpa, Colin on Grandpa's lap, Taylor with something in his mouth, and Laura. Does that doll have a party hat on too?
Ahhh... my beefier days. Taylor, Laura, Colin, my chubby red-headed self (hair is dyed, of course) and Madre. Dad took the picture.

Apparently the Grinch stole Laura's Christmas!

These are posted mainly for my own amusement, but if someone else can get amusement from them as well, then so be it. Until next time! TOODLES!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We're skipping right over to Christmas this year! We put up two of our three trees, just because we were in the mood to!
This year, we put ONLY red lights and red ornaments on the 6 foot tree. Instead of putting it up in the family room, we put it in the front room. And instead of putting it on the ground, we put it on a table so now it almost touches the ceiling in the pioneer house! It looks SO FLARKING RAD! I only put one picture in, because the red was REALLY overwhelming. Haha... so there it is!
Below is our NATURE tree! Totally Mom's idea! We took branches from some of our cottonwood trees, and put them in the Christmas tree! We also got real bird's nests, (that'll be a bitch when they come back for the spring and find all their homes gone!) and pine cones all from our yard. It's rad-tastic!
Below is the tree all lit up for the night!
Below is one of the bird nests that we swiped from the great outdoors.
Below... if only we had the tree up when we were doing our "reflection" project for photography class!!! Sonofa... oh well. I love that picture, though!
And finally, THIS is what the two trees look like from outside when you are walking up to our dining room door! Don't you just LOVE IT???
Thanksgiving is for Fa-la-la-la-LOSERS! It's just filler between the two most important holidays of the year: Halloween and Christmas! Take that you dumb PILGRIMS!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This week's assignment for photography class is "Wisdom." My reflection pictures, proud of them as I was, were SO TYPICAL. Almost everyone else in the class had stuff reflecting off water. So this week, I want to step outside the box and bring an interesting photo to class. I hope to have something the rest of the students hadn't considered taking a picture of. So I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MY GRANDPA'S FACE! Something tells me the entire class is going to bring in pictures of old people.
So here's one I just snapped real quickly while I was at the college library. It's not a final picture, just a jumping off photo. I thought, books? Wisdom? Yes? No? Feedback, and also suggestions on other pictures that could portray "wisdom" without just going cliche with the old people, would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks, y'all!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


These are posted on Facebook as well... but for some reason I feel they don't have the same impact when they're shoved all together with someone saying "Just got home from work, and I'm SO TIRED," a poll asking what your favorite Care Bear is, and a quiz to see what your munchkin name would be. So I give you, my entries for this week's photography class.

These were all taken in Pine Valley with exception of the rising sun reflecting on the black glass, which was taken at Dixie State College!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well, there I am on the left.
If only I had the $$$ to make it a truly awesome Willy Wonka costume! Laura was Elliot from "Scrubs," and Matt was Dr. House. That little rooster is Payson.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a vegas TRIP

I went to try out some of the effects of my new camera on the Vegas lights. See how much fun I had?!
Below: Vegas before the drugs
Below: the drugs are kicking in
Below: cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Below: did I just skip through time?
Below: so THIS is what it's like winning the Nobel Peace Prize!
This one is by far my favorite. I'm surprised I didn't have an epileptic seizure while putting these pictures up.
Until next time! Toodles!