Thursday, June 4, 2009

What an UGLY dog!


I was bored the other day, and decided to have a little photo session with Russ's dog, Vato. He is the ugliest little puppy in the world. His face is smashed, and his eyes are at 10 and 2.

This is Vato's favorite toy: the vicious blue hippo. He kills this little hippo several times a day.

Here is his royal highness in his plush furry throne. I wish I had something this soft so sleep on!
Seriously, is he looking in two directions at once??? He is SO wall-eyed! I don't understand how he can even see where he's going.


Laura Edwards said...

I think he's cute!

Nicole said...

He is SOOOO CUTE! I want one.

Rhonda said...

Matthew I luv your blog! I was doing a little blog stocking tonight and came across yours. Pugs are cute until their eyes pop!
See you at the reunion!

Ina said...

Matthew, I hope you don't mind that i read your blog. I love it! Probably one of the most creative blogs I have ever read. It will be soooo good to see you, your sweet mom and Taylor's family at the reunion. I wish Laura and Matt coulde be there.

M@ said...

I FEEL SO POPULAR! *hugs self*

Jillian said...

Nooo....He is seriously cuteness all around!!!