Sunday, July 5, 2009

R-r-r-ruffels have R-r-r-ridges!

...and W-w-w-wadsworths are W-w-w-wonderful!
Yes. I stutter. And I'm even more popular because I admit it. But anyway. On July 4th, since there was no any other important date on the calendar, a good chunk of relatives from my Faja's side of the family gathered in sunny St. G to celebrate our awsomeness. Yes, it was hot, incredibly hot. There was a nice wind, though, so it helped keep us cool/blow all our crap around. It was so much fun. If you are on the Wadsworth/Jacobson/Horlacher/Anyone else I can't think of's side right now, and you didn't come...then you MISSED OUT, SUCKAZ!

Madre and I brought little rocks and paints so that we could paint little rocks. Genius idea, no? Apparently not, because NOBODY wanted to paint rocks. HOWEVER... a few people did want their faces painted. So, the Master of Paints, aka yours truly, began stamping each person's face with a different symbol. Well, not really, considering most people wanted little American flags... Addi wanted a pink heart to match her pink life. Kinda hard to see in this picture, though.

Madre desired a little daisy with purple petals. I actually did a star on her arm later on, that was so rad, and somehow, I forgot to TAKE A FLiPPiN' picture of it! Grr. I'm about ready to Opus Dei myself. (If you haven't read/seen Divinci Code, you probably won't get that reference...)

Ahhh, sweet Joanne. Sweet, unoriginal Joanne. She saw my mom's flower, and wanted one of her own. She asked for a purple to match her shirt. (I only had one color of shiny purple, but a few bottles of it, so I just pulled out another bottle and told her it was a different color... SHHH.... don't tell anyone!) It still looked cute, though!

Paul got the first American Flag of the day. By the last American Flag I had done, they looked perfect. Paul was a serious champ for allowing me to make a semi-lopsided flag on his cheek. We're all patriots at the Wadsworth family reunion! Or wait... I meant the kuzzin' karnival! bad.

This is Brianna's daughter... (if I remember correctly...) and she got a glittering star on her cheek. So adorable. I was impressed at how the glitter paint seemed to last through everything, even splashing around in the kiddie pool, and sliding down the enormous inflatable water slide that I was TOO FAT TO GO ON! Grrrrrrr.

Rhonda's Ameri-heart was my first masterpiece of the day. I was/am/always will be proud of this little heart. I feel like a true Mormon housewife with her crafter's instinct. Next thing you know, I'll be scrapbooking up a storm! Wait... isn't blogging kind of like scrapbooking??? RELIEF SOCIETY MEMBERS... UNITE!
Payson's is my favorite fo'sho. He wiggled around a lot, so the skull and crossbones isn't quite uniform, but none-the-less, it emits pure radness.

After the day's festivities were over, and all the cousins were on their way back home or to their respective hotels/friend's houses, Madre and I went to see the flick "Public Enemies." Brinton was telling me how this was the first movie to be shot completely in digital, absolutely no film, and that parts of it actually had to be grained, because the picture was WAY too sharp. I HAVE TO AGREE! There were parts of the movie that were so sharp it hurt my eyes! What in interestingly new experience. Oh yeah, and the plot and acting was great too... as long as you don't pay attention to Christian Bale. As everyone knows, if I find out an actor or actress is just pure evil in real life, it makes me like him/her less on screen. So besides Christian Bale, other cractors (crappy actors) on my list include Tom Cruise and Russell Crow! Incidentally, my bro-in-law, Matt, loves all three of those guys!
And finally, at the end of the day, there were fireworks. I tried taking a picture of some of them, but my camera is old and testy. It's like that girl/boyfriend that everyone has had/has who gets pissed off over the smallest things. Long story short, I couldn't get a fireworks picture. But I did get a picture of me looking exhausted, laying on the grass with my pillow.


Coopercomics said...

No opus Dei!!! That is owie.

M@ said...

Yay! I love it when me references have been got. Gotten... understood?

Laura Edwards said...

I am so glad you posted about the reunion! I need to see how many reunion pics turned out... I haven't looked at them yet (since the screen is broken on my camera).

Also, I laughed HARD when I saw the picture of Payson and his skull tat! You rock.

Ina said...

Hey, what about mentioning the Wimsatt side? Oh well, you posted some pictures of some of them showcasing your marvelous face painting. Thanks for that! And, you mentioned the wonderfullness and awesomeness of the Wadsworth family as a whole. I totally agree with that. Thank you for your contribution to help make the reunion the great time it was!

M@ said...

I had SO much fun! I meant to add Wimsatt's too! Haha... WOOPS

Ina said...

I can't believe I didn't have something painted on my face! I think I hesitated because I didn't want to give people an opportunity to see how old my face really is about now. Oh well - time marches on, double time! You were great!