Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Addi!!!

Well, it was Addi's 4th birthday party, and she got to pick out whatever outfit she wanted to wear for the day, so she chose the dress she wore at Laura's wedding. Here's a couple of highlights from the party.

Above, she was being a little DIVA, telling us she was tired of dancing around. Madre said all she needed was a cigarette, and this picture would be complete. (This dress is NOT the wedding dress, by the way... this is her Sunset Boulevard dress... because she had a Gloria Swanson attitude when she was wearing it!)
In this picture... yes, she's being a DIVA again. She wasn't going to be happy until Grandma got her purple chapstick open and ready for application.

Now THERE'S a winning smile! Here's the card Grandma and I gave her! It's good for a day out with Grandma and Uncle MJ, and she can pick out a TOY, and an OUTFIT, and have DINNER at PIRATE ISLAND PIZZA! HOLY S*%$!

Here's my impression of Payson. "BALL! BAAALLL! BALL! BALL! BALL! ................... BALL!"
Isn't she cute? Even though she's hilarious when she's in DIVA mode, I like her better like this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first niece ADDI!


Ina said...

Your first niece, Addi, is a cutie! She and I shared purple tongues at the reunion, and it was hilarious!

Laura Edwards said...

AH! She is such a little drama queen- I LOVE IT! We wish we couls have been there! I hate missing out on so much....

The Scotts said...

Makes me laugh that you posted Addi's bday and not Kelli! :P

Jacobson said...

HAHAHAHAH!! I wish you could see the tears on my face from laughing so hard!! I know I am terriable with posting! thanks jalee!