Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man, has it been a long time OR WHAT?!

Is there anyone out there who still reads my blog? If so, please forgive me for never, ever updating. The fact is this: I've been working on school so I haven't had time to focus on The Dirty Dishwater Blonde Black Sheep.

However, as part of one of my classes, I've been asked to keep a journalism blog. Well, journalism to an effect. I've chosen to go the route of Perez Hilton on this one. So If all of you could please focus on my class blog for the next few months, I would greatly appreciate it.

The more hits I get, and the more comments posted, the more my professor will see that I'm a viable journalist (sort of). Even if the subjects I talk about aren't exactly pulitzer-prize winning topics.

So go to The Skewed Review and follow me, please! Add me to your blog list so others can find me! Thank you!

Thats http://theskewedreview.blogspot.com!

Oh, and don't forget to see all my journalism work at www.dixiesunlink.com

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