Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Memorial Day Weekend!

Here's The Whole Friggin' Clan!I love family pictures like this. They're so much more fun than those stupid boring posed pictures. BLAH. I think in the pictures where everyone is just smiling and holding perfectly still, it looks like everybody is just grinning angrily and squeezing their butt cheeks together.

Sweet little Addi and Payson! These kids are so flippin' funny. Of course, Addi had to be bribed to actually smile in the pictures, and Payson had to be injected with drugs. Other than that... perfect little kids. (Just kidding about the drug injections... not the bribery.)

Here's the lovely Ladies of the Jacobson-Edwards club. Kelli, Addi, and Laura. They are my sistah, sistah-in-law, and first niece. The reason I like this picture so much, is because it looks like Laura is holding her pee in. Love it.

And the men of the family. Matt, Myself (the manliest of the men), Taylor, and little Payson. I am in the perfect position in this photo, because Matt and Taylor are covering up my lovely handles and my man-boobs.

If I were truly a sick person, this would be my wedding announcement photo. "Mr. Trooper and Mrs. Cola would like to announce the wedding of their daughter, Scout, to Matthew Jacobson."

Thanks for getting that peanut butter off my ear, scout. I knew I shouldn't have taken a nap on the sandwich. My dog is always lookin' out for me!

I'm super studly as I dig the weed roots out from uncle Hugh's headstone. We spiffed up that whole Jacobson area in under an hour! Super Cemetery Spiffing Powers - UNITE!

Taylor, Lindsay, some handsome devil, Krista, Matt, Laura, Brenda, Kirk, and Kristine. We toiled in the cool mountain air, and then went back to the house and gained weight by stuffing ourselves full of bratwurst. It was a good day.

And finally... under the eave of our porch, this robin built a shaggy looking nest, and has, I assume, laid some eggs and is now awaiting the hatch. I can't wait to feed those baby birds to the hawk I see around the valley!! Someone call PETA please.

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Laura Edwards said...

Oh I love the bios on the right column about each family member! I cannot believe how creative and fun you are! I wish I was a fraction of the creativness you are (that sentence is horribly structured...as well as this one.... oh well- get over it!)