Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's Nothing To Blog About.

Much A'blog About Nothing!
Have you ever had one of those truly un-blogworthy days? The kind of day where you WANT to update your life, but there's nothing really interesting enough that's worth telling? Today is one of those days. So even though the following things may be interesting and entertaining to only myself...I found the need to share them with everyone.
This is my best friend's new pug puppy. His name was Vato, then Russ changed it to Pugly, then back to Vato. This is one ugly and confused dog.
This is my shoe. I'm not a punk, but I decided my shoe had to have a skull on it. Because deep down, I want to be a pirate.

This is my watch. See how well it matches my shoes? I'm like... a Tim Burton offspring or something.

If you ever wondered what it looks like up my you know. By the way, in the left nostril, that's not a booger. It's my bumpy septum. I wouldn't post a picture of my nose full of boogers. I'm a little more self-aware than that.

Here I am laughing at you for taking the time to read this particular post of absolutely zero substance! Aren't I rad? Oh, and by the way, happy birthday to my cuz' Nicole.


Laura Edwards said...

I think that dog is WAY CUTE! I want him NOW, and I dont care what his name is...

Nicole said...

Ha ha ha! You crack me up!! I love you!!

Thanks for the shout out, cuzzin.