Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aren't I Cute??

I went to the Dental Hygienist School here at Dixie State to do my friend a favor. Her 2:00 appointment didn't show up, and she needed someone to come in so she can do a filling. Well... It's no secret, I LOVES MY CANDIES... so no doubt I had a filling or two she could do.
The sad part is, since they were LEARNING while DOING, I had to keep my mouth open this wide for almost THREE HOURS. I know it's true, normally I can't keep my mouth shut, but I think this was the one time I was longing to do so.
I love the BONO glasses they put on me. Since I have zero dollars, my friend Nicole hooked me up for free what would have cost about 50 bucks! THANKS NICOLE! And now, I'll get to work on making new cavities so that I can continue to contribute to the Dixie State Dental Hygienists School learning environment!
*unwraps Charleston Chew*


Coopercomics said...

You make me smile! I hope you write forever. :)

Beth said...

Hehe nice. I commend you for doing right by the Dixie State Dental Hygienists School.

Cristina Wagner said...

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M@ said...

uh... okay thanks for the info?