Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a vegas TRIP

I went to try out some of the effects of my new camera on the Vegas lights. See how much fun I had?!
Below: Vegas before the drugs
Below: the drugs are kicking in
Below: cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Below: did I just skip through time?
Below: so THIS is what it's like winning the Nobel Peace Prize!
This one is by far my favorite. I'm surprised I didn't have an epileptic seizure while putting these pictures up.
Until next time! Toodles!


Ina said...

These are amazing pictures! Your 'toodles' reminds me of the last two stories I posted on my blog about my brother, David. Check them out!

Jodie said...

oh my gosh..i am the only one i know who says Tootles, only i spell it like that. i watched gidget as a child and she always said tootles....we are supposed to be friends. it is fate....
yoru pics are awesome. LOVE The light effects in vegas- STELLAR!!!

Ali said...

OooooOOOO Cool! I am looking for a new camera, what kind is yours? I likie!

M@ said...

it's a Nikon dx5000 I think? retails for about $900 without accessories. With things like memory card, UV filter and bag, it it evens out to about $1000. It was ALL MY FINANCIAL AID MONEY! hahaha

Beth said...

These pictures are amazing!