Monday, November 16, 2009

If You EVER Doubted How Cute I Am...

Then let me just show you how cute I WAS!

I'm having so much fun on that bike!
Dad's old motorcycle...
Thanksgiving one year at G&G Pratt's place
Awwww! Brotherly love.
I still get sleepy after huge meals to this day!
Holy crap. We are SO FLIPPING CUTE!
Dad and ME at Veyo pool!!!
Mmmmm... DIRT! Delicious!
Please note my cape and uh... skirt?
Taylor looks JUST LIKE PAYSON! I wish I could wear socks like that today.
Okay, that's not me as a little kid, but I did come across this picture from when I worked at Rocky Point Haunted House. (The scariest haunted house in America, so said FANGORIA.) Yes, that REALLY IS ME.
I think this was one of Laura's birthdays. Me, Grandpa, Colin on Grandpa's lap, Taylor with something in his mouth, and Laura. Does that doll have a party hat on too?
Ahhh... my beefier days. Taylor, Laura, Colin, my chubby red-headed self (hair is dyed, of course) and Madre. Dad took the picture.

Apparently the Grinch stole Laura's Christmas!

These are posted mainly for my own amusement, but if someone else can get amusement from them as well, then so be it. Until next time! TOODLES!


Jessica said...

oh man! you are a doll

Ina said...

I love these pictures. I was very much in your life when you were having these pictures taken, but you probably don't remember that!

The Batistas said...

loved these... we got amusement as well.... i love the one of laura by the tree!!

jaleegirl said...

Your brother looks just like Payson!! Oh my heck!

Nicole said...

I remember that kid very well! You were SO funny even as a child. Always the entertainer! Your dad used to spin you around and have you walk and then say (as you stumbled) "Hey Jake! Whatcha been drinkin!" Bah ha ha :)

Jacobson said...

HAHA!! LOVE THE PICTURES! I think the last one was my favorite just because of the comment made underneath it! Thanks for the good laugh!