Saturday, November 7, 2009


This week's assignment for photography class is "Wisdom." My reflection pictures, proud of them as I was, were SO TYPICAL. Almost everyone else in the class had stuff reflecting off water. So this week, I want to step outside the box and bring an interesting photo to class. I hope to have something the rest of the students hadn't considered taking a picture of. So I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MY GRANDPA'S FACE! Something tells me the entire class is going to bring in pictures of old people.
So here's one I just snapped real quickly while I was at the college library. It's not a final picture, just a jumping off photo. I thought, books? Wisdom? Yes? No? Feedback, and also suggestions on other pictures that could portray "wisdom" without just going cliche with the old people, would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks, y'all!


Ina said...

MJ, Just for fun I typed "Wisdom" in my search bar to get different definitions of the word. You might try doing that and it may give you a whole different idea of what to photograph to portray it. Just a thought.

M@ said...

Ooh, good idea! Thanks aunt Ina!!