Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post Numero Uno!!

Okay, so here it is, blog number one. This really is my first serious blog EVER, so we'll see if I stick to it. BUT - here's a little list of all my blogging goals I hope to achieve:
1. Post as many useless photos as possible.

2. Give bad reviews to all the horrible books I've read

3. Give great reviews to great books, as soon as I read one.

4. Try not to spoil all the great movies I've seen

5. Spoil all the crappy movies I've seen.

6. Prove the theory of intelligent design.

7. Make readers aware of all frivolous facts about me.

8. Give a detailed plan on how to destroy the government.

9. Post all my opinions on everything I'm unqualified to talk about.

10. Maybe tell some jokes.

So I'm just learning how to do this whole blogging thing, really. So readers... (if there are any...) please bare (or is it bear...?) with me.


Mace said...

I will be watching; and on the edge of my seat with curiousity and anticipation. So far I have laughed out loud! LOVE YOU - Mace

Coopercomics said...

Looking forward to reading you. Already I'm wanting to know more!!! (You know that it is going to be fabulous) Love ya!