Monday, March 30, 2009

Angel's Landing

I'm such an OUTDOORSMAN!

On Saturday, my BFF Russ and I (as seen in the photo to the left) drove up to Zion for a scenic drive. When we arrived, we decided a drive wasn't going to satisfy our lust for the outdoors. So we decided to conquer Angel's Landing.

The beginning of the trail was fine. We were chatting along the way, having a merry old time, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, it got STEEP! It was all paved though... for wheelchair access, perhaps? It got me thinking... what would happen if you drove your RASCAL up there, and ran out of battery? That would suck.

Here's Russ demonstrating our elevation. There were lots of pictures of me standing right on the cliffs, (and one of me dangling my feet off the edge) but you can't see the backgrounds very good, so you can't see how high up I am.

This picture was taken at the last safe place there was to stand. We're looking up the back up Angel's Landing here, and looking at this picture, it's almost unbelievable that I actually scaled that treacherous terrain. I'm so butch!

There was this really gutsy bird that we saw... it was totally flying around up here. I decided I would try to be a gutsy bird too... I had second thoughts though. That's why I'm alive right now to create this post.

It's so amazing that out of the rocks grew these random trees. I thought this tree was so rad, that it deserved to have it's picture taken with me. The tree that I'm sitting in shown at the top of this post was a tree growing out of the sandstone at the very peak of Angel's Landing, right on the cliffside!

Here we are perched atop Angel's Landing. The guy that took this picture literally almost fell off the edge trying to capture the moment. Talk about dedication! The picture would have been awesome if that dumb chick wouldn't have started growing out of Russ's head.

This bird-poo covered rock was the very tip top of Angel's Landing. I was thinking of photo shopping that bird crap to look like blood...

Here's the lovely view from the top! I showed this picture to my mom, and she said, "Wow! That road looks like a river!" (Note: that is not a road... it's a river. The road is that red line to the left of that river.)

On the way back down I decided I wanted to hang off the cliff by this tree. When my mom saw this picture, she got very very very angry with me.

I don't know why I liked the look of the trail on the way down so much. At the bottom of this trail there was a sign that said "This is not a trail!" I can only assume someone moved that sign from somewhere else...

Here's the Virgin River bend... I think.

I think Russ kept getting annoyed because I continued stopping to take pictures of the trail on the way down. I couldn't help it! I just loved how the setting sun brightened up the background, while the trail and the trees seemed mysterious in the shadow of the mountains. How iconic! I should be a writer or something.

Again, the sun was blasting the side of that cliff as it was setting, and the contrast here was just too much for me to handle. Had I been alone, I might have cried like a little schoolgirl. Since I was with Russ, though, I just cried like a college girl.

AND FINALLY.... I had so much fun and got so worn out, that I didn't take a shower that night. When I woke up the next day - I had this beautiful zit to remind me that it doesn't matter that I'm almost 28 years old... I need to WASH MY FRIGGIN' FACE!


Nicole said...

Love this post! Made me a little queasy just lookin at the pictures...

Nine said...

Aahh-- my knees are weak! Next time: we go together ;-)
-sincerely, your cousin DJ

Laura Edwards said...

HaHa! I loved your post. Especially the crying like a college girl.

P.S. I was very very angry when I saw you hanging from the tree, as well! Be careful!

Coopercomics said...

That was the most terrified I have ever been while reading. Thank you for that new experience. What with me being 31 and all....I don't really experience NEW things that often. ;)Lex