Monday, June 1, 2009

Tales from the Tanning Salon

Tanning is EASIER than losing weight!

Going tanning always makes me feel better. I love emerging from the bed feeling crispy! It's nice to relax in the bright heat of the artificial sunlight. I'm often lulled to sleep by the harmonious humming of the high-watt bulbs. While I'm constantly trying to drop that extra ten pounds, I find that I'm a little more secure about myself when I'm tan. Because, as we all know, tanned fat looks better than white fat!

In the photo above, I was trying to capture my beautiful white teeth in the reflection of the mirror behind the lamps. Instead, all I got was the image of my camera. I would have tried again, but I didn't want to get any camera-tan lines. Yes, the tanning bed is better than Proactiv for the face, and makes my butt look cute! (Too bad nobody sees my butt except me... but still) I love to use an accelerator with a bronze and a tingle. If you've never been tanning, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. So... Google it, I guess. ANYWAY, the tingle makes my skin feel itchy, which is kind of fun, and I always come out smelling like freshly baked cookies! I may smell like the Pillsbury dough-boy, but I'm about 16 or 17 shades darker!


Nicole said...

I have always maintained that tan fat looks MUCH better than white fat. Although in the past few years I have gone to the tanning creams, for fear of skin cancer. I am covered in spots from the good 'ol Dixie sun.

Ohhh, but I love the hum of the tanning bed. *sigh*

Jillian said...

I love tanning!!!There is nothing better than coming out all "bronzed" up and smelling like burnt skin and some type of fruity tanning lotion :)