Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Production Photos!

Alrighty, so we have one more show to do, and then it's all over. So, if you didn't get to see it, you MISSED OUT! But hopefully, I can provide you with the next best thing... some of my favorite production shots!

My first entrance! The line is, "Who the hell is that?" I can't tell you why Bryan is in the middle of tugging his trousers up... too much explaining, and this is going to be a long blog... so the less explaining... the better.

My line here is, "Oh you FILTHY SWINE! LEAVE HER ALONE!" By the way, these pictures aren't in the order they are in the show. I'm WAAAYYY too lazy to actually PUT them in order.

"PLEASE, this costume is only rented!" Yeah. This is the non-climax. Everyone said it was a super ending... I beg to differ, though.

As I'm grabbing Bryan's butt, I'm saying, "Now that's enough of that!" Bryan's faces are like Master Card commercials. Priceless.

My character is obsessed with his mistress... and the fact that she's cheating on him. Who would have thunk it? Here, I'm about to tell my "on the side girlyfriend" that "My wife and I are playing on the bed, but if all four of us join in, we could use the table!"

What you can't see in this picture, but what Karack (Josh) is obviously noticing is... that Simone's (Hannah) nun outfit is non-existent in the back... and she's exposing full undies!

This is Helga (Dani) and I trying not to notice "nun mit bare bum."

Karack wanting a contribution to his reindeer fund. Yeah, I realize it doesn't make a lick-a-sense. Doesn't in the show, either.

I need to pee something fierce, but Stanley won't allow me to, because he's hiding my wife in the bathroom. It's a sordid little show.

I'm just going to let this picture speak for itself.

Stanley and Claude, fighting over the last room... and Heinz, the manager, who is on his way to a drag ball. Well, not really, but wouldn't that make the show even more fun?

Claude mistakes Brenda (Katy) for Helga, and jumps in bed with her. This is definitely the highlight of the show for me. I get to sleep with Katy.

Oh wait, THIS is the highlight of the show for me. So soft...

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