Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"The Proposal"

Madre and I just saw this movie! Ummm... predictable, and could have been funnier, but it had it's cute moments.
But let me just say this: For those of you who take Ambien, it is definately I wise idea to go to sleep before they kick in, and hope it doesn't kick in while you are trying to POST ON YOUR BLOG. Because THAT is the situation I'm in right now. "Why don't you just STOP posting, and go to bed," you ask? "BECAUSE. I've already started and I COULDN'T sleep knowing I had half a blog sitting on my laptop, waiting to be finished!" Then you say, "But, your one line under the picture sums it up. Everything afterward is just blather." and I say, "What THE HECK IS BLATHER?" So you see, or maybe you don't, don't take PRESCRIPTION SLEEPING PILLS, and then BLOG. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY.


Krista said...

Seriously, you should maybe think of writing a blurb for the NYTimes... you are so friggen funny!!! I love reading your blog!

M@ said...

I feel real important today :) Everyone loves my blog all of a sudden!