Monday, August 3, 2009

Today I Can Drive Again! (Hopefully)

Today I'm off to the DMV to get my license back! (I had to go on chemo to fix my eyesight... I know, I don't understand it either, and I have been on some pretty good seizure medication, so I don't have to worry about THAT anymore!) Since my old license photo is rather outdated, I'm sure they'll want a new one. WHAT A PERFECT TIME TO HAVE A HUGE BREAK-OUT!
I can count three on that cheek right there. Wow... that one by my ear looks like a whitehead, but it's NOT. It's just so large, that it's picking up the LIGHT from above! SICK! I suppose that one looks like it could be a mole... (even though it's not...) I was even debating putting some makeup on before I take my license picture. I wish that when I had zits, they would only be like, ONE AT A TIME, and SMALL and in a place like... under my chin or something. But no. HOWEVER... I've lost a lot of weight recently, and I like the way my face looks in this picture. (Minus the blemishes) So it's not ALL bad!!!


The Batistas said...

So I have been in PV WAYYYYY too long... when i read your comment it took me like 20 min to figure m@ was Matt... duh... seriously... anyways hope your drivers test goes well and i will for sure stay off the road today :)

M@ said...

lmao that is DEFINITELY wise!