Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Deer!

Pine Valley is a BEAUTIFUL place. Here's a few photos of yours truly, the niece and nephew, and some of my deerest friends.
I was just testing the camera here. I can hardly believe my mole is that huge.
Here's Bambi's father, the king of the forest. He was cleaning up all the apples that had fallen from our trees in the orchard. Come to think of it, Bambi's dad wasn't around for his childhood... would he be called a "Deadbeat Buck?"

Oh my goodness. Could there BE a more LOVEABLE face? LOOK AT HER! She's smiling at the camera because there are deer in the orchard that she can chase. It's her passion in life.

There was a gang of bucks hanging out in the orchard. I guess it was Bambi's dad's drinking buddies. I wonder,when Bambi's mom got shot, did Bambi's dad curse in deer language because now he was forced to have soul custody?

This picture is a little old, but still needs to be shown. On Memorial Day, there was a town picnic up in the campgrounds, with LIVE MUSIC! Addi was very intrigued by the violin player, and she sat and watched in amazement. I wonder what she would do if she found out her dad used to play the violin?

This buck looks like he's saying, "HEY! Get away from there! Don't you touch my apple! Do I have to come over there? Why do we have to go through this every weekend Bambi? Doesn't your mother teach you any manners? I swear if you don't behave I'll take you back to the thicket RIGHT NOW."

How adorable! Addi and Payson up in the campground. I love how this picture doesn't look posed in ANY way. Addi has a knack for looking "candid" whenever she's aware that she's getting her picture taken.

Here's a really great shot of some "Buck Butt." These three manly deers turned tail and ran the second I got close enough to get some better pictures. It's almost as if I were trying to serve papers ordering them to pay "fawn support."

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Your thinking, "Holy crap, he looks like a HERO in this picture!" And I have to reply, "The reason I look like a hero, is because I am one."

Yeah, these deer are living the good life right now. Plenty of open fields to romp around in, lots of yummy apples to eat in the Jacobson orchard, and all the sexy DOES you could ever want. But just wait until the hunt in October. I've got some bad news for Bambi, because the state is going to have to take custody of him when his dad's head is hanging in someone's lodge.


The sign said "Bear Country." And I thought it said "Bare Country..." So.... what else could I have done? DON'T BE OFFENDED! I'm just showing the SIDE of my cute little bottom.... there's no cracks to be seen. Please laugh, don't be angry. I had to share.

I painted these to hang above Russ's bed. He wanted an Egyptian painting that spelled out his name in hieroglyphics. We ultimately decided that doing three paintings would be even more rad than one... and so... there you have it!


leatherbygeorge said...

Pine Valley is, indeed,beautiful.
I love these pictures, right down to the "Bare County" one? ?
Still waiting for your draft to be posted on the James Wadsworth Tribal Gazette blog.

Jacobson said...

i wish our bedroom was that cool... love the bare country pics! haha im glad you put it on.. and i love the "candid" pics of children.. aka: hood rats. haha.. at least i think im funny!