Wednesday, April 1, 2009



It was a lovely spring morning on April 1st in 1981. Iran had just released the 52 hostages that were being held captive since 1979, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as America's 40th President, The Raiders won the Superbowl, "Urban Cowboy" starring the uber-rad John Travolta was released, and most importantly, Matthew James Jacobson was born.

I was feeling a little depressed since I'm inching closer to the big "3-0," so I took a second to set my senses aflame with the pleasant fumes of the Sharpie Magnum. Remember: Only losers huff markers to get high! Be a winner and only sniff markers sporadically.

Here's an update on the book I'm reading. I'm not that far into Atlas Shrugged, but seriously, it could have been written YESTERDAY! The plot of this book is SO relevant to everything going on in the world today! It's amazing that this was first published in 1957. I say READ THIS BOOK! I think I'll forever compare Barack Obama to James Taggart.


Nicole said...

Happy birthday!! there. Now I have wished you happy birthday via text, Facebook and blog. Yay, me.

Love you!!

Coopercomics said...

I bet it would really get annoying to keep on trying to tell people that today REALLY is your birthday. I feel for you. Happy birthday to Yooooooooou!

Ali said...

Plain and simple, you ar hilarious. :) Happy birthday!

Laura Edwards said...

We love you tons, brother! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Laura Edwards said...

Ummm... why isn't my blog on your "Blog List"? I am offended!