Thursday, June 11, 2009


First of all, here's the giant banner that's hanging in the Foyer of the Eccles Theatre. Yes, that's my show, if you've forgotten. And now... onto the feet.

The foot. We all have them .(hopefully... if not... my deepest sympathies to you) Why am I taking pictures of feet? Well, it started out as some stupid artistic project I was working on, until I realized that my camera sucks. Well, I realized that a long time ago, but I was reminded of it now.

You may ask, "Does he have too much time on his hands?" The answer is, "No." I'm currently engulfed in a very compact Humanities class, and rehearsal for "Bedfull of Foreigners," but I couldn't handle that my blog hasn't been updated.

I think when I get a better camera, I'm going to revisit this project, and maybe do them in black and white. I was thinking about maybe also doing the same idea with hands and mouths, too.

Like, wouldn't it be cool to have a little book, all of black and white pictures of different mouths? Some smiling, some frowning, some chewing, some with tongues sticking out, maybe one with a fat lip... one laughing, one kissing... and maybe a poem every 3rd or 4th page?

These are my feet, which are the only male set here, (although some would dispute that) Now you are asking, "Is he some kind of artistic genius?" The answer is, "Yes." The pictures may not be great (because of the camera) but the idea is solid. Oh, by the way, this is copyrighted. See?
(c) Matthew James Jacobson 2009
seea :)


Ina said...

Your post on feet reminds me of something your dad told me many times. He said, "Auntie, when I was a kid and then a teenager and you would visit us in Las Vegas or I would visit you in California, I was always fascinated with your feet. You always had the neatest sandals, many pairs, unique, always different, some way out. You and your sandals and my mom and her heels. She loved high heels and her's were as varied as your sandals." Well, I am old now and can not wear the rad shoes. My sandal days are pretty much over, but it was a great run while it lasted and I often think of how your dad loved my weird taste in sandals.

M@ said...

I love that story! I'm so glad my post could bring that back!!!!