Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poor Chakra Has Died :(

Ma got home last night, and found little "Shocky" had passed away. I know I always made jokes about how it was "time to put him down," but now that he's gone, I'm kinda sad!

I got him when I was 20 years old, and I think he was about 2 then. I remember that I had to bring him from Salt Lake to St. George on the bus. Only they wouldn't ALLOW him on the bus. So my brother Taylor and I took everything out of my backpack, and Chakra fit RIGHT INSIDE. (I know. Someone call PETA, right?) But he was so quiet, and pretty much slept the whole time. Every time the bus stopped, we'd take Chakra out and he'd run around and play until it was time to hide again.

The guy who sat in the seat on the aisle across from us kept noticing my backpack would move occasionally. Luckily, he didn't alert the bus driver.

When my dad saw Chakra, he told my mom, "There's no way in HELL we're keeping that dog!" Who would have known that not much later, Chakra and Matt Sr. would be inseparable. Everywhere Matt went, Chakra was sure to follow. Whenever Matt kicked back in the recliner to watch some TV, Chakra had to be on his lap. Matt even taught Chakra a cute trick: Dad would yell, "Where's Timmy? Is Timmy in the well?" and Chakra would RUN to show you where Timmy was! (Timmy happened to be where Dad kept the dog treats. Still... it was hilarious.)

Chakra thought sneezing was a trick. He'd sit in front of you and sneeze and sneeze in hopes of receiving a treat. It was funny/cute/annoying. I'll miss that hay-fevered pooch.

Chakra was even in a play with Laura and myself. In "Midsummer Night's Dream" he played Theseus's (my character) lap dog.

He was the best watchdog. Even though he'd be no match for an intruder, he always alerted us to anybody's presence. Chakra was a little punk, it's true, because he only cared about treats. But, he was my little punk, (or rather, my Dad's little punk) and I'll miss him.

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