Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Pictures From My Phone!

I have all these pictures that I take with my phone, but nobody really sees them except me... so I thouht I'd share them with the world. Here we see the beautimous sky in southern Utah. This was one of the days where we thought it might rain... but it didn't. The sky was a tease. I wish I could spank the sky. But, alas... I cannot.

This is supah-cute payson. You may ask, "why does he have rubber bands on his wrists?" And to that I answer: "He doesn't. That's just his arm-chub."
And look at those teeth! He's off to build a dam.

Look at me lookin' manly and scruffy! I love that hat. It's a Fidel Castro hat. I feel dictatoresque in it.

Thank heavens for this sign! I almost broke the law!!


I knew we shouldn't have put vodka in that sippy-cup.

SCOUT! My lovey dovey. She's the bestest damn dog in the whole wide world. LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!! Wook at dat face! She's so pwitty! What a gewd guwl you is! Yes you is! *kissy noises*

I told Payson that the government is spending all of America's money, and that his generation will be stuck with an 11 trillion dollar debt, and he passed out.

That night was so rad. We laughed so hard, and ate sandwiches, and bothered the cookie girl behind the counter. And I like my blond stripe feux-hawk. Laura is wearing my glasses, by the way... that's why she looks like a rockstar.

This super-trendy Thai restaurant was super-yummy. This is Matt and Laura, so happy because the food was so good. Too bad none of us can remember the names of our food.

Taylor knows how to look extra handsome. This is the picture that pops up on my phone when he calls.

Awww! Ma and Sistah. Look how cute they are! As Mom would say, cuter than a weenie-dog's left eyelid!

I love my Rubber Soul shirt. And here, I look sly. "How so," you say? If I told you, I wouldn't be sly. "Make sense," you demand? "No," I reply.

And finally, Mom and Grandpa passed out on chair and couch. So cute!

Here's a little game you can play. Go back and look at the pictures, and then look at the color of the text. See how I found a prominent color from the photo, and used it as the color for the caption? Aren't I clever? Oh... the cleverness of me.

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Ina said...

Clever, you are! The pictures are very interesting. I have often wondered what happens to the trillions of pictures that people have taken with their phones.