Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Need A New Camera!!

Everyone look at my new Creation blog. It's super special - JUST LIKE ME!

This is a formal call to anyone who got a new camera recently! GIVE ME YOUR OLD ONE! Look at what I have to work with right now!!! It's about as thick as a cell phone from the 80's, and the back screen doesn't work when you're taking a picture.

Now I know you're asking yourself, "How is he taking a picture of the camera... if he's holding the camera in his hand...?" Blows your mind, doesn't it?? DOESN'T IT???
Okay, I took the picture with my cell phone.

Yeah, so if anyone has a camera that they just replaced.... please, help ME to replace my camera from 2000! Kisses! *muah*


Coopercomics said...

I do have a camera that I can give to you...but now that I look at these pictures of the one that you want to replace...I am pretty sure that the one you have now is better than mine...boooo.

Nicole said...

I wish I had a camera I could give to you! I will keep my eyes and ears open :)

Or your could sit on the side of the road with a handmade sign that says, "will work for camera."

Just a thought.

M@ said...

That is a stellar idea. I'm gonna go make the sign right now!

Miles said...

I got a new camera from Adorama... Love it!! I found their huge collection of branded digital cameras at reasonable price...