Friday, April 24, 2009

The Rocks that Rock

This is a somewhat older topic that I forgot to post around Easter.
Taylor, Kelli, Addi and Payson came up to Pine Valley for the weekend before Easter. My mammy got a super cool book from the Coops on how to paint rocks. Weird? Yes. Waste of time? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely. We figured, why paint eggs that won't last long, when you can paint rocks, that will last a lifetime!!

First we have the wonderful creations of Kelli. She's so modest. She said that she hated all the rocks she painted, but I think they turned out uber-rad. The watermelon makes me salivate. The "love" rock has about a pound of pink glitter paint on it, and took almost 2 days to dry. The mouse we keep by the kitchen door... cuz it's so damn cute!

Next, we have the painted rocks from the imagination of Taylor. On the right, we have a snow topped mountain, and a candy corn with a bite out of the top in the center, and my favorite, the turtle shell on the left. It brings back serious memories of Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael! Heroes in a half-shell!

Addie's rocks are just amazing. She's used to painting with watercolors, so she was constantly dipping the brush in the water and then applying watery-acrylic paint to the rocks. She got a little help with the butterfly from Kelli, and the red rock on the right was Addi's all by her lonesome. I think she wanted it to be a watermelon... but it looks like a jeweled potato to me.

Mom devoted the entire rock painting session to one creation: the fried egg. She saw this design in the rock painting book, and fell in love with it. We now use this rock as a spoon rest in the kitchen up here in Pine Valley. And yes, that is real pepper under the varnish on that egg-rock!

And my two rocks are so different, they're like day and night. (Haaahahahahahhahaaaahahahahahahha hahahaahahahhahaha hahaaahahahahah......... *breath*.... AAAAAAhhahahahahahahha!!!) The glitter paint on the sun, clouds, moon and stars looks REALLY cool, but the camera doesn't pick up the sparkles. It just makes them look dirty! But take my word for it; the glitter is rad.

Taylor had the idea to get a bucket, and fill it full of painted rocks. Then, when people come to visit, they can look through it and see all the creations.
However, I think that they should be thrown through car windshields or people's house windows. That way, you're giving people a piece of art that they will remember forever. (i.e., "remember that rock painted like a candy-corn that someone chucked through our front room window? That was really awesome.")


Nicole said...

I love this! I need this book! So fun!

The fried egg rocks :)

No pun intended.

Coopercomics said...

I really do paint rocks with my Kell Kell all of the time. Now I MUST go to Pine Valley, so I can create with you guys.

The candy corn rock made me laugh, and I might have startled DJ.

If someone threw that rock through my window I would be quite pleased.

Ali said...

I totally like your idea better than Taylor's. Definitely more memorable.

Laura Edwards said...

YA! These turned out even better than I imagined! We are sad we missed it... Boo-hoo. I like what you said about Addi's first rock- a jewel potato!