Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today I Went Tanning...

I was truly disappointed after I went tanning, because I wanted just the slightest sunburn. I just needed to wait a couple hours, I guess.

I think out of all my nephews, Payson has got to be my favorite. Could there be a cuter kid? I think he's sick of me, since he just spent the entirety of the weekend at my house, and now he's stuck with me until his ma gets off work.

Here's the chubby little beaver-toothed toddler reaching for something sharp. Isn't uncle MJ the BEST BABYSITTER EVER??

And don't tell the rest of my nieces, but Addi is my favorite. Look how innocent she appears to be.

I am making sure she gets plenty of candy and cookies before dinner, thus ensuring optimum nutrition and most likely a good night's sleep. Sugar makes me happy, so it must work on little kids, too.
And that lovely smell of roasting meat you smell... is that dinner? No. It's uncle MJ.
Broadcasting from the pad of Great G-Pa, peace out m'peeps!


Laura Edwards said...

Oh man! You are.... tan? (slightly crispy, maybe)

I love the pictures of the kids! They really are the cutest little niece and nephew.

Coopercomics said...

I can practically hear you sizzle from here.

I really like Addi's hair, she looks like a dolly.

You look like a fun babysitter! Everyone knows that sharp objects and candy make the world go 'round.

Nicole said...

Crispy!! Nice!

We've got LOTS of knives over here. Wanna come and babysit?

Ali said...

Didn't I tell you to get some tanning lotion?! Effin A' MJ!